"Nuclear Technology for Sustainable National Development!"

The TAEC works to apply nuclear technology inTanzania in the following programs: Radioactive waste management, dosematry and calibration, food radiation monitoring, environmental radiation monitoring, nucler instrumentation maintanance, radiation safety, XRF& Gamma Services and non-ionizing radiations


Radioactive Waste management

The TAEC keeps an inventory of all radiation emitting devices and radioactive materials use for different purposes in the country. TAEC will devise a program of disposing of these spent radiation sources in accordance with the IAEA guidelines on radioactive waste management.


Calibration and Dosimetry
National labolatory for calibration of dose measurements and dosimetry equipment. This service is offred to government and non-government institutions.
XRF Labolatory Service
TAEC provides X-Ray diffraction and X-Ray flourescence service in Tanzania to boost the industrial, mining andenviromental research and services. The modern EDXRF system capable of analyzing wide range of elemental compositon samples from Sodium (Na) to Uranium (U). This system is also capable to analyse a concetration range from few parts per million (ppm) to 100%.
Food radiation Monitoring

Regular monitoring of radioactivity in imported and exported foodstuff is being carried. The TAEC in collaboration with the TRA control the import and export of foodstuffs across the Tanazania borders. Radieted food must compy with recommended levels of radioactivity in the IAEA Basic Safety Standard 115.

Nuclear Instumentation Maintanance
TAEC coordinate country wide service and training in quality control and maintenance of nuclear and related equipment used in research activities, industries and medicine. Consultancy services in nuclear electronic equipment.
Radiation Protection

Protection of workers, patients, environment, visitors and public in general from unnecessary exposure to radiation.TAEC is responsible for advising on relevant legislation, providing professional advice on matters relating to Radiation and will ensure, that the statutory and regulatory provisions are being complied with.

Environmental Radiation Monitoring

Monitoring of Ambient Radiation Levels in Tanzania, Potentional sources of the Natural Occuring Radioactive Materials (NORMs) do exist in all substances and are present everywhere in the earth due to the content of Uranium, Thorium, Potassium and other radioactivity emitting elements.Radioctvity Analysis in Building Materials all earth substances contain natural series of radioactive elements i.e Uranium, Thorium and Potassium.Monitoring of Natural Occuring Radioactive Materials in MineIt is well known that uranium mines are associated with high risks of external aswell as internal radiation exposure to workers. The presence of the Natural Occuring Radioactive Materials in rocks and minerals is major radiation protection concern in mines. Monitoring of Radioactivity Contamination in Scrap Meta almost all radiation sources used in various applications are selead in metal containers and International Radionuclide Monitoring Station in Dar Es Salaam